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Shop at Southpoint Mall

Although we often think twice to place chain-dominated malls in tales such as this, Southpoint is no ordinary shopping knowledge. The retail epicenter in south Durham features over 140 stores and restaurants, including a number of hard-to-find stores (Nordstrom, Bose, Apple Computer, etc.) The mall's open-air "Main Street" shines with sculptures, water functions, and great restaurants.

6910 Fayetteville Path
Durham, NC

Much more Attractions like - store in the roads at Southpoint Mall

  • Dirty, boring, and dangerous. Those had been the text that formerly defined downtown Durham (and 20 years ago, those words just weren't too far off-base). But a funny thing took place within the last ten years or
  • As nyc occasions recently noted, downtown Durham ended up being a place most readily useful averted after sundown. But as revitalization has changed abandoned cigarette industrial facilities and former textile nulls into bustling
  • In other words, the Durham Bulls are the globes most famous minor-league baseball team (really, that is what totals will tell you at least). Whilst 1988 sports classic Bull Durham put the staff on map
  • Stationed near Duke's East Campus, this eclectic strip of stores showcases a colorful, cool side of Durham. Highlights feature Regulator Bookshop, the Play home Toy Store in addition to Duck Shop (stocked
  • a cozy and inviting place to savor a cup premium coffee, treat on home made cookies or candies while searching for a fantastic present. The store is a wonderful number of art, crafts, home decor, gourmet
  • Exposed in 2008, the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) appears proudly because the largest performing arts center when you look at the Carolin's. Having its shimmering, see-through exterior and 2, 800-seat concert hallway,
  • From most intimate of boutiques to 1 of biggest malls inside Southeast, Winston-Salem shopping provides anything for every single taste and each reason. You'll stroll the Downtown Arts District’s
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  • The Asheville Global Report (AGR) is an American liberal independent media outlet based in Asheville, North Carolina. Between 1999 and May 2007, the AGR published a free weekly newspaper. The organization currently produces radio programming and a television show, AGR TV, that is aired on Free Speech TV and Public-access television cable TV...

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