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Southpointe Mall

Monquell L. Davis— Durham police arrested three folks Saturday after a person was shot and killed outside Moe's Southwest Grill on Fayetteville path nearby the Streets at Southpoint shopping mall.

Brian Christopher Keys, 24, of Greensboro, died within the shooting.

Authorities arrested Monquell L. Davis, 19, of Lutz Lane, Deshario Tamaurious Mitchell, 18, of Marne Avenue, and Kadeem Rasheed Johnson, 18, of Umstead Street and charged these with murder.

Davis additionally deals with fleeing to elude arrest and felony hit-and-run causing damage fees.

Officers taken care of immediately the restaurant, when you look at the Renaissance Center next door from Southpoint, about 12:50 p.m. and found Keys when you look at the parking area. He had been pronounced dead at scene.

After being given a description of a suspect vehicle, officers attemptedto stop a Jeep freedom matching that information a short while afterwards Fayetteville path. The motorist refused to end and fled from officers before crashing near Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, police stated.

Three individuals inside the Jeep Liberty had been taken to the Durham Police Department for questioning and later arrested. Police stated Keys understood the suspects and that it appears they shot him inside Jeep.

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It's Interesting
  • An antique mall and flea market in Columbus, Ohio. It has a number of independent vendors who rent spaces to sell their products. Products are mostly antiques and arts and crafts, mixed with typical flea market items. Spaces rented by vendors include booths of varying sizes as well as display cabinets with glass fronts. SouthPointe also sells...

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