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Biltmore Estate shopping

Designed specifically for leisure and family fun, Antler Hill Village also offers shopping and eating. The shops and restaurants at Antler Hill Village remain open later on than many other estate locations, offering a sweet summary to a memorable day in the property.

  • Cedric’s Tavern – called after George Vanderbilt’s beloved St. Bernard, Cedric, this hot, relaxing pub reflects the less formal side of Biltmore eating and entertaining. Specialties feature shepherd’s pie and fish and chips.
  • Creamery – A tribute into initial Biltmore Dairy Bar, guests can enjoy Winky club sundaes, signature shakes and root beer floats, along with gourmet coffee-and pastries.
  • The Smokehouse – The Smokehouse provides smoked pulled chicken, meat and chicken; real Southern veggies; breads pudding also desserts. Seasonal hours.
  • Traditions – along with her well known hospitality and feeling of style, Edith Vanderbilt ended up being an all natural hostess which delighted the woman site visitors with special variations throughout Biltmore House. Within practices, the inspiration for its elegant mixture of items came from envisioning exactly how Mrs. Vanderbilt would host the woman visitors these days. Customs includes ornamental residence accents and neighborhood artisans’ work, including pottery and precious jewelry.
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It's Interesting
  • The Arizona Biltmore Hotel is a resort located in Phoenix near 24th Street and Camelback Road. It recently joined the Hilton Hotels' luxury collection The Waldorf-Astoria Collection and was also featured on the Travel Channel show Great Hotels.
    The surrounding commercial and residential neighborhood has become known as the Biltmore District...

  • In 2004, prominent New York real estate developer Donald Trump proposed a $200 million luxury hotel-condominium development at 26th Street and Camelback Road in the highly upscale Camelback Corridor (near the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and the Biltmore Fashion Park shopping center) of Phoenix.
    The Camelback East Village Subcommittee (a subcommittee...

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