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Street in Durham, NC

  • VALET PARKING IS AVAILABLE FOR $15 every NIGHT, every automobile

To + From 21c

Wherever you're via or what your location is going. We possess the understand how to get you indeed there.

Durham keeps growing! Take note that the route is impacted by construction in downtown Durham.

From Charlotte:
From I-85 Northbound: Take I-85 North and follow indications for Greensboro. Merge onto I-40 East and hold kept at fork for I-85 North. Take exit 172 for NC-147 Southern. Simply take exit 13 for Chapel Hill Street and turn left in West Chapel Hill Street. Turn right onto Downtown Loop/Ramseur Street. Just take a left onto Corcoran Street and 21c is from the remaining.

From Greensboro:
From I-40 Eastbound: just take I-40 East toward Durham and take exit 172 for NC-147 South. Simply take exit 13 for Chapel Hill Street and turn kept in West Chapel Hill Street. Switch right onto Downtown Loop/Ramseur Street. Just take a left onto Corcoran Street and 21c is regarding remaining.

From Raleigh:
From I-40 Westbound: Take I-40 western and simply take exit 279 B towards Durham/Downtown. Merge onto NC-147 North and take exit 12B toward Roxboro Street/Mangum Street. Turn directly on Southern Roxboro Street and change left onto East Main Street. Turn right onto Corcoran Street. 21c is regarding remaining.

From Chapel Hill:
Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd: just take Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, stay left and take indications for U.S. 15 company N/U.S. 501 company N/S Square/Chapel Hill Boulevard. Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard transforms left and becomes University Drive. Manage onto Western Lakewood Avenue. Change kept onto Blackwell Street. Resume onto Corcoran Street. 21c is in the left.

21c Durham Parking

Valet Hotel guests can enjoy the capability of valet parking, with in and out privileges, for $15 per night, per car and short term parking for $5. Hotel valet parking location is situated outside the main hotel entry on Corcoran Street.

Garage Alternative parking comes in a garage at 101 Corcoran Street.

Downtown Durham Transportation

Bike would like to begin to see the town on two wheels? Reduce your carbon footprint on a 21c bike. Bikes can be found first-come, first-serve and a deposit is required. Ask leading table for details at check-in.

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  • North Carolina Highway 98 is a 45-mile (72 km) North Carolina state highway and a semi-urban traffic artery connecting Durham to Wake Forest as well as many small-to-medium sized towns in the north portion of The Triangle region. A bypass was recently completed around Wake Forest to the south, which made the old route passing through town...

  • NC 55 is a 192-mile (309 km) North Carolina state highway that serves as a traffic artery connecting Durham with Cary and numerous small cities and towns in the The Triangle on its way toward the Pamlico Sound. A portion of NC 55 extends through Research Triangle Park. NC 55 is a major artery in the central part of The Triangle region, and is a...

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