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Green Hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Asheville, vermontOur luxurious, environmentally-friendly resort could be the perfect choice for household vacationers, couples pursuing a romantic getaway, and company people. We deliver first-rate rooms, attentive solution, deluxe amenities, a perfect location, and worth vacation bundles. In addition, we're exceptionally happy with our environmentally-friendly property. We are among The united states's very first motels to work well with a large-scale solar liquid heating system. Therefore we've been recently granted LEED Sliver official certification because of the United States Green Building Council and confirmed by the Green Building certificates Institute.

Commendable Rooms

Well-appointed guestrooms and suites welcome you with a wealth of animal comforts. Take pleasure in anything from luxurious bathrooms with Infinity Edge Whirlpool® Tubs and Thomas Roth Bath amenities to complimentary Wi-Fi and 37-inch flat-panel HDTVs. Balcony rooms are also available plus two-room Jacuzzi deluxe suites with dazzling views regarding the French Broad River and surrounding hills.

Plentiful Amenities

We invite one to enjoy an array of amenities. Savor extremely fine food at Roux. Renew your system and heart at Sensibilities Day Spa. Stay static in form by taking advantage of our ultra-modern gym that has Precor® cardio-theater equipment. Relax to your max within our interior lap share or relaxing whirlpool. While a company or personal event is within our future, we have the flexible area to allow for it.

Whatever You Desire Is Nearby

You couldn't request an even more perfectly situated resort. We are inside the center of Biltmore Park Town Square, a fresh shopping and activity complex. The renowned Biltmore Estate, the breathtaking 250-room Vanderbilt mansion, is a few momemts away. Therefore we're within close distance of I-26 and Asheville Regional Airport, which we will be delighted to choose you up from and take you back once again to via our free shuttle.

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It's Interesting
  • Biltmore House is a Châteauesque-styled mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, built by George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889 and 1895. It is the largest privately-owned home in the United States, at 175,000 square feet (16,300 m) and featuring 250 rooms. Still owned by one of Vanderbilt's descendants, it stands today as one of the most...

  • Bowman-Biltmore Hotels was a chain created by hotel magnate John McEntee Bowman.
    The name evokes the Vanderbilt family's Biltmore Estate, whose buildings and gardens within are privately owned historical landmarks and tourist attractions in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. The name has since been adopted by other unrelated hotels. For...

  • Biltmore Forest is an affluent town in Buncombe County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 1,559 in 2008. It is part of the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area.
    Biltmore Forest is located at 35°32′16″N 82°32′24″W / 35.53778°N 82.54°W / 35.53778; -82.54 (35.537884, -82.539882).
    According to the United States Census Bureau...

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