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ASHEVILLE – There’s a fresh bike shop in town. But this one should currently be acquainted to Asheville cyclists in search of a full-service store with specialist sales staff and mechanics.

Asheville bike Co., which exposed a week ago, will have its grand orifice Saturday at 1000 Merrimon Ave., next door to Ski Country Sports, that has been a part-time bicycle store, part-time ski search for yesteryear 25 many years. Owner Craig Friedrich said the time ended up being to increase.

He knocked down the wall surface splitting Ski Country from former AAA Carolinas offices to include another 3, 000 square feet of space for bikes, gear and clothing. The grand orifice Saturday should include a “parking good deal party” with live songs, pizza and shows by professional stunt rider Jeff Lenowski.

The opening of this brand-new bicycle store places the sheer number of independent bicycle stores in Asheville at nine, with some 16 in Western North Carolina, stated Claudia Nix, secretary using the Western new york Bicycle Dealers Association. She's additionally co-owner of Liberty Bicycles in Southern Asheville. That quantity doesn’t consist of sequence stores such as for instance REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods, which offer bikes.

“We’ll find out if Asheville can help each one of these stores. Everything will depend on good company practices and customer service, ” Nix said.

“Part associated with explanation we formed the (nonprofit WNC Bike Dealers Association) within the late ’90s is we had bad blood with bike stores, ” she stated. “It’s gotten definitely better. Many of us work together pretty well. Bicycle stores guy the rest stops at Fletcher Flyer (a 100-mile ride Summer 7), therefore we have a mechanic at each and every stop. Chances Are They all help me placed on cycle rodeos.”

“Ski Country exposed in 1990 in the new Market mall. We were truth be told there for a decade and had the capacity to choose the rolling-pin Bakery, which is where we are today, in 2000, ” Friedrich said.

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