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Saturday, April 9th | 10:30amSpanish Classes for ChildrenWeekly classes for kids ages 3-5 (10:30am until 11:15am) and 6-10 (11:15am to 12:30pm). Carmen Ybarra of Dulce Sweet Kids uses music and games to make learning Spanish fun!

Sunday, April 10th | 12:00pmAsheville Tarot CircleDiscussion, exercises and practice in exploring the psychological dimensions of the Tarot.

Friday, April 15th | 6:30pmThe Tipout Showcase Open MicJoin us the first and third Friday of each month for a showcase of local music, poetry, dance and more, followed by an open mic!

Saturday, April 16th | 1:00pmAsheville Cannabis Legalization [meeting]A newly formed advocacy organization.

Saturday, April 16th | 6:30pmRaising Kids Without Sexual Shame [discussion]Being uncomfortable with the topic of sexuality can make it nearly impossible to communicate with children about their bodies and desires. $10 suggested donation.

Sunday, April 17th | 7:00pmRachel Bell and Friends [poetry]Rachel Bell reads from her new work, "Welcome To Your New Life With You Being Happy." Rachel will be joined by local poets Grey Lajoie and Mary Moore Dalton!

Saturday, April 23rd | 2:00pmAsheville Animal Rights Reading GroupA group to discuss where human and non-human issues intersect and how we might take action on specific issues.

Saturday, April 23rd | 4:00pmWNC Asperger's Adults United Writers' CircleA regular meeting to share and critique each other's writings. Participants will share stories, blogs, poems, musical lyrics or any other material they have written or read that they find inspiring and fulfilling.

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Art In Joy Java Note Cards
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  • 1 set includes 8 note cards with matching envelopes packaged in a crystal clear box
  • All Art in Joy products are designed and made in Asheville, NC
  • Made in the USA
Maggie Photo Co Maggie Crest Motel Maggie Valley, North Carolina Original Vintage Postcard
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  • Type: Chrome
  • Size: 4 x 9 (10.25 x 23 cm)
  • Postmark: 1998 Oct-9 Asheville NC
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