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Initially known as Four months Mall, it showcased Belk, J. C. Penney, and Meyer's, a Greensboro-based emporium owned by Allied shops, as primary anchors. Miller & Rhoads, Frankenberger's, Thalhimer's and McCrory's had been secondary anchors. There were also huge Eckerd Drugs and Winn Dixie stores at Four periods, along with a Piccadilly Cafeteria and a four-screen General Cinema.

Meyer's had been soon replaced by Jordan Marsh, another Allied shops nameplate, and therefore room had been sold to Ivey's by 1980. JCPenney discontinued its auto solution procedure at Four months in 1983, and freestanding building that housed it had been razed many years later.

In 1987, Four months Mall finished its 3rd story expansion, providing the mall over 1 million sqft (93, 000 m²) 200 stores, and a sizable brand-new food judge. Additionally thought its existing title at that time, alongside a unique, more contemporary logo.

Ivey's was acquired by Dillard's in 1990, soon after a major renovation to its shop that linked it into the shopping center's new third amount, and Thalhimers ended up being sold to your The May Department Stores Co. later on that same 12 months. Belk additionally extended and renovated its store, incorporating a 3rd shopping amount and over 50, 000 square feet (5, 000 m2) of selling space.

Once the Thalhimers nameplate had been stopped in 1992, the Four Seasons shop closed given that it ended up being also tiny, at 20, 000 square feet (2, 000 m2), to carry a full line of department store product. It absolutely was planned to-be changed with a Hecht's store, but May as an alternative decided to increase its Friendly Center Hecht's and develop a freestanding Hecht's three miles (5 km) west of Four periods at Interstate 40 and Wendover Avenue.

In late 1990s, Four periods Town Centre more renovated its interior with a dramatic redesign by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates. This renovation added a large fountain and amphitheater to your shopping mall's center court. Several permanent seller rooms and kiosks were added to the shopping mall's big corridors, including residing room-like smooth seating places.

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It's Interesting
  • Wesleyan Christian Academy is a private school located in High Point, North Carolina, across from the Oak Hollow Mall. School colors are red and gold. Wesleyan Christian Academy has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS / CASI) since 2000. The Head of School is Dr. Rob...

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