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Frank White

Southpoint Mall in Durham NC

Staff is very good and extremely tuned in to any issue as it may occur.

Many thanks for writing such a free of charge post on our staff here at The Berkeley at Southpoint! We greatly value your recognition of our dedication, so we wish you'll continue letting us understand face-to-face once we may do anything to assist during your amount of time in our neighborhood.

5.0Certified Citizen

Disagree with negative remarks on Yelp. We moved out 6+ months ago nevertheless the check out list had been clear on objectives. Therefore, yes lots of cleansing to do. But objectives had been written out and apartment was clean for after that tenant. You cannot anticipate a house to hold up in the event that you allow it to get run-down by each tenant.

Thank-you to take enough time to create this step-by-step review regarding your experience with our community, and especially your move-out procedure. We play the role of because clear possible in this phase, so we're pleased to note that your situation lived as much as our standards. We're quite happy to discover that you liked your time and effort inside our neighborhood, and we also wish you do really within new home.

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  • South Park Cricket Club (SPCC) joined Carolina Cricket League in year 2010. Before that SPCC was a member of Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference (MACC) from 2004 to 2009. Since its inception, SPCC has been striving continuously and incessantly to promote the game of cricket not just locally, but in and around the Piedmont land area itself. The...

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