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North Carolina Quilt Shops

Beginnings Quilt Shop/Brother Sewing Center encompasses our vision of what any quilt store should be-a friendly and soothing location for one to enjoy our sitting area and chats with other quilters. Our staff strives to satisfy your per need with your inventory of textile from Moda, Shannon, Robert Kaufman, Andover, including Downton Abbey, Island Batik, Free Spirit, Michael Miller as well as others, plus books, and habits, irons, and Western new york's exclusive Brother Sewing and Embroidery device dealer, offering Brother Sewing devices available and Brother Embroidery devices for sale, and Brother Scan-N-Cut2, offering Hendersonville, Asheville, Weaverville, Waynesville, Franklin, Murphy, Brevard and surrounding places. Compare our functions and affordable prices to Bernina, Baby Lock and Janome, and you may get a hold of Brother is much better!

We carry HoopSisters, Anita Goodesign and a rather big variety of Floriani bond and stabilizers.

We carry a large assortment of precut materials, Aurifil, Mettler threads, and Creative Grid rulers, along with other helpful notions and accessories. Along with all this, we're going to have several store shows and sample quilts to inspire your imagination and spark wonderful tips for your next sewing project. We additionally offer a giant class and provide sewing devices for you to use cost-free during our numerous courses and clubs.

With plenty available, it’s no surprise that individuals believe Beginnings Quilt Shop should always be your location for new creations and new friendships!

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    Although born near Raleigh, North Carolina, at an...

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