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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An officer-involved shooting inside a shopping mall in Charlotte on Thursday left someone dead, based on authorities.

The man who died, identified as 18-year-old Daquan Antonio Westbrook, was equipped, police stated. No officials were injured.

“Preliminary proof gathered on scene indicates that a group of topics who had a brief history of feuding encountered both within the shopping center and experienced an altercation which resulted in Mr. Westbrook shooting a firearm. It was maybe not a random work of assault and also the topics involved are recognized to each other, ” read a statement through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police division.

“While working off-duty inside the Northlake Mall, Officer Thomas Ferguson heard several shots being fired inside the mall. Officer Ferguson taken care of immediately the scene and experienced an interest armed with a firearm. Based On witnesses, the subject turned and pointed the gun at Officer Ferguson, which fired his service weapon.”

The declaration stated Ferguson was put on compensated administrative leave pending the results of a study.

WSOC reported that Westbrook had been a rapper just who performed underneath the title “Donkey Cartel.” The section additionally stated he had been a father-to-be.

Before police issued their declaration, Shauntelle Hamrick, the supervisor for the Journeys shoe shop, stated an altercation led to gunfire and one person getting shot.

Hamrick stated she viewed as a team of individuals “ganged up” on a man. During fight, some one pulled a gun, and a friend associated with the guy had been shot.

It absolutely was not straight away clear whether Hamrick had been referring to Westbrook, although authorities didn't state that someone else had been shot.

Tiffany Archibald, with Medic 911 in Charlotte, stated ambulances responded to an event within shopping mall involving one client with a knee damage, one pregnant client in work and another client with an asthma assault.

a buyer at a Bebe shop on the upper amount of the shopping center said the shops had been exceptionally crowded. Lauren Malone ended up being together sis and mom into the shop, that is above the show store, whenever she heard “boom, boom, increase.”

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It's Interesting
  • U.S. Route 21 in Virginia runs north–south through the southwestern part of the state from the North Carolina state line north to Interstate 81 in Wytheville. It used to continue north along U.S. Route 52 and State Route 598 into West Virginia.
    US 21 was added to the state highway system in the 1920s as State Route 26.

  • Taubman Centers (NYSE: TCO) is an owner of United States upscale regional malls and has headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The Taubman Asia subsidiary is headquartered in Hong Kong. It has the highest selling portfolio of malls (by Square Foot Sales) in any mall company in the United States.
    Taubman was founded in 1950 by real estate...

  • Concord Mills is a nearly 1.4-million-square-foot shopping mall located in Concord, North Carolina. The mall is in Cabarrus County, just a few hundred feet from the Mecklenburg County border, and about 12 miles (19 km) from downtown Charlotte. One of two shopping malls in Concord, it was built & formerly operated by the Mills Corporation before...

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