Let’s create a more FAIR world

The Fair Pages is a unique combination of a directory and social network, where you can find, share and vote for companies and organizations that are making a FAIR difference for people, animals & the environment. The site provides you with a user-ranked list of companies, products and brands with an ethical, socially or environmentally responsible profile.

On the site you find many different products and projects, ranging from organic, fair trade, eco friendly, cause-related and holistic brands to women’s rights, animal welfare and world peace organizations + many, many more.

Join our movement - it’s free

All FAIR-minded companies, organizations and private users from all over the world can create a free profile, tell how they make a difference and join the global debate about what is most FAIR.

Social networking for social good (s)

Think of TheFairPages as a place where the powers of social media like Facebook or Twitter and traditional directories like Yellow Pages, together with consumer activism are harnessed for a greater purpose.

On TheFairPages you can compare, vote, follow and share recommendations with other conscious consumers using our social media features. TheFairPages is a global movement where social media is used for social good. Our mission is to increase awareness and create demand for products and brands that contribute to a better and more FAIR world.

When using our social networking platform consumers, companies and organizations go hand in hand to promote, communicate and vote for what is FAIR to people & planet.

We focus on 40 different FAIR areas

When creating a profile companies and organizations are asked to choose the icons that represent their main focus areas in the pursuit of creating a more FAIR & sustainable world.

We have a wide range of icons symbolizing different areas that companies and organizations may have as a main focus area in the pursuit of creating a more fair and sustainable world. When viewing a profile you can read more about each of the icons.

Communicate FAIR & sustainable business practices

With a profile companies and organizations can tell consumers how they practice FAIR and sustainable business by adding which FAIR-issues they work with within the nine categories below.

The nine categories contain many different FAIR-issues to show how fair and sustainable business can be practiced. Consumers can vote on which issues they find most important.

What is most FAIR?

On TheFairPages we work with the key word “FAIR” as the overall synonym for the many different ways that companies, organizations and consumers can contribute to a more FAIR & sustainable world for all living kind.

‘What is fair’ is a complex question, there are many dilemmas and many things need to be taken into consideration. What is FAIR in one part of the world may not be FAIR in another part of the world. And what seems FAIR today may turn out not to be FAIR tomorrow.

What is most FAIR for people, animals and the
environment on a global scale?

On TheFairPages we have built our tools and issues around some of the already existing guidelines and standards for sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility. Our hope is that this will make it easier for you to find, communicate, share and vote for what YOU believe is most FAIR to people, animals and the environment.

If you have a FAIR category or issue that you find is not represented on our site, we would love to hear from you.

Make a difference – join our global movement!

We hereby invite you, whether you are a FAIR-minded company, organization or consumer, to create a free profile to promote FAIR & sustainable living in every region of the world.

Features for Companies and Organizations

Market your FAIR company, brand or organization to a global audience of conscious consumers. Create a profile to upload products, promote offers, write blog posts and detail how your company makes a difference.

  • Upload your logo and products with images and descriptions.
  • Display your main FAIR focus areas to show how you are contributing to a more FAIR world.
  • Display the FAIR-issues your company complies with. Advertise 'Offers' on promoted items.
  • Advertise 'Offers' on promoted items.
  • Get rated by users and receive feedback on your company and products.
  • Create loyalty by being followed by users.
  • Display prominent certificates and labels you have been awarded.
  • Blog about your FAIR business practices.
  • Write a FAIR message and spread it all over the world.

Features for Users

Create a profile to show, tell and discuss how you think the world can become more FAIR and sustainable. With a user-profile you can vote, rate and engage in an open dialogue with companies and other users from all over the world.

  • Rate companies and products and affect their ranking on the site.
  • Vote for the FAIR-issues you think companies should comply with.
  • Follow companies and other users and receive their activity-feeds.
  • Get inspired by new companies endorsed by the users.
  • Write your own blog posts or comment on others' blogs.
  • Write on a company or user's wall.
  • Display certificates and labels you look for when shopping.
  • Write a FAIR message and spread it all over the world.

Who is behind

By Liselotte Østerby

My name is Liselotte Østerby and I have started TheFairPages to inspire and empower consumers to change the world by engaging in a global conversation with companies and organizations about what is most FAIR to people and planet.

For many years I worked in advertising and often wondered how marketing could more actively contribute to sustainable development in the world.

One morning I had a vision about how the world could be a better place if we as consumers had more influence on the marketing of a product and could see how our endorsements would have a positive impact on society.

As a consumer I needed a tool for comparing, supporting and recommending the truly FAIR-minded brands making a positive difference in the world. A tool where I could collect and choose products and brands based on the recommendations from other conscious consumers and specialists in my network. It needed to be a tool where my choices would be visible for others and inspire them to do the same, so our actions could spread like rings in the water.

I started developing the concept, and soon it became clear to me that it was highly important that also the companies saw the platform as a great opportunity to market themselves in a new way. Both consumers and companies should get something out of joining the platform - and the social media features should connect them.

And so, the seeds for a new social media platform were sown.

TheFairPages is a private initiative financed by private savings and kind contributions. There are no big institutions, political agendas or other economic interests behind it. It's an independent movement driven by the will to do good! Please email us to make a contribution.

From my heart I thank the users, companies and organizations for believing in the project by creating a profile here on TheFairPages. You bring the site to life - it's you who make the real difference!

Liselotte Østerby Founder & Concept Developer