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Emmanuel Arts

How we make a fair difference...

Emmanuel Arts
Emmanuel Arts:

Emmanuel Arts help street children in Kenya realize their potential! by teaching them skills in various arts, we will teach the youths how to make unique art, while giving them knowledge to start their own business and create a sustainable income. www.emmanuel-arts.com

Our main focus areas...

  • Fair trade Fair trade
  • Educational equality Educational equality
  • Vulnerable children and youth Vulnerable children and youth
  • Social equality Social equality
  • Empowering poor through business Empowering poor through business
  • Community development / cohesion Community development / cohesion

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Emmanuel Arts
"Emmanuel Arts has now started an NGO in Kenya - our dream is becoming reality! "
Emmanuel Arts
"will be at Kongskilde markedet near Sorø, september 17-18.. come and find us :-)"
Canoe - 3 people
This unique canoe is made of banana leaves, and, wood, shells and other natural materials. It is unique and hand made, and have many small and interesting features. About 30cm long
Price: €24.-
Emmanuel Arts
"need volunteers for the financial and business side of the organization... "
Spread through 2 people. Originally by Emmanuel Arts At: 27/04/2011
Turtle (small)
This adorable turtle is made of banana leaves, handmade and unique. Perfect as a small gift. 6x4cm
Price: €8.-
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Emmanuel Arts
Universitesparken 1D 22
4000 roskilde

T: 0045 28557932