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Animal Experience International
Animal Experience International:

We provide our clients with real world facts and information about the animals they will be working with. We organize local family placements. We encourage the use of women and family co-ops. We encourage and empower students and adventure seekers to travel ethically.

Our main focus areas...

  • Environmental issues Environmental issues
  • Animal welfare Animal welfare
  • Animal rights Animal rights
  • Endangered species Endangered species
  • Human rights Human rights
  • Fair trade Fair trade
  • Women and women's rights Women and women's rights
  • Social equality Social equality
  • Aid and charity Aid and charity

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Rehabilitate Wildlife in Guatemala.
The rescue centre is situated on 45 hectares of land on a lake in northern Guatemala and includes a quarantine area, a veterinary hospital, and rehabilitation facilities with a large flight cages and enclosures scattered throughout the jungle.
Price: $1600 for 2 weeks.
Elephant Care in Thailand.
Elephants are in trouble in Thailand. Not only is the wild elephant population decreasing due to habitat loss and poaching, but domestic elephants are also in danger.
Price: $1495 for 2 weeks
Conservation Through Education in Guatemala.
This wildlife conservation organization began as a wildlife rescue centre in northern Guatemala and has grown to also include environmental education, research, co-administration of protected areas, marine turtle conservation, ecotourism, reforestation and sustainable community development.
Rehabilitate and Care for Primates and Wildlife in Thailand.
In an attempt to help native wildlife this organization runs several projects including hands-on wildlife rescue, medical care, wildlife rehabilitation, community education and research.
Price: $1407 for 2 weeks
Conserve Sea Turtles and Mangrove Populations in Guatemala.
Turtle populations are declining rapidly due to the industrial longline tuna and swordfish fisheries as well as unregulated egg poaching on nesting beaches.
Price: $1320 for weeks.
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