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A social directory for social good

TheFairPages is a unique directory and social network that helps you find, share, and vote for companies, products and brands with an ethical, socially or environmentally responsible profile.

The site provides you with a user-ranked list of companies and organizations that are making a FAIR difference for people, animals & the environment. You find many different products and brands in our 40 FAIR categories. We have a wide variety of organic products, fair trade brands, eco-friendly & green companies, holistic health practitioners, cause-related & nonprofit organizations + many, many more. What they all have in common is a focus on contributing to a more FAIR and sustainable world.

Conscious consumers changing the world

More and more people are realizing that every time they buy a product, they have the power of change in their hands to shape the world of tomorrow.

Are you one of those millions of conscious consumers worldwide that are turning to ethical and values-based shopping to make the world a better place? Then you are in the right place, because TheFairPages was created just for you!

TheFairPages is your stop before the shop! Whatever you are looking for – e.g. organic clothing, fair trade coffee shops, good causes to support, ethical banks, second-hand stores, eco-tours, holistic health practitioners, eco-friendly car-sharing or simply to connect with other FAIR-minded users – your search starts here! We have over 1000 sign-up categories in our directory.

Social media for social good (s)

TheFairPages is a global online movement where social media is used for social good. You can compare, vote, follow and connect with your favorite FAIR brands, and share recommendations with other conscious consumers using our social media features.

Are you in the business of creating a better world?

Does your company or organization make a difference for a more FAIR & sustainable world for people, animals or the environment?

Then you are in the right place, because TheFairPages has been developed to help companies and organizations like yours reach a growing community of conscious consumers worldwide.

By creating a company profile you not only get listed on our site among many other sustainable, ethical, cause-related and socially responsible companies and organizations. You can also choose to use our social media features to engage, include and interact with consumers, who care just as much about creating a better world as you do.

In short, with your company profile you can promote, share and tell conscious consumers about how your products or projects make a difference for a more FAIR & sustainable world. How you will use the site is up to you. Below you find some of our tools that you can use to communicate your story.

- The 40 FAIR-icons

When you as a company or organization create a profile you are asked to choose the icons that represent your main FAIR focus areas in the pursuit of creating a more FAIR & sustainable world. The private users on TheFairPages can also use the FAIR icons to show which areas they find most interesting and important.
Read more about all the FAIR-icons.

- The FAIR-issues

With a profile your company or organization can select a variety of FAIR-issues to show the consumer which FAIR & sustainable issues you engage in. Users can also vote on the FAIR-issues that they find most important for a company to engage in.
View all the FAIR-issues here.

- The certificates and labels

You can also show which certificates and labels your company or organization has, and users can display the certificates and labels that they look for when they do their shopping.
View all the certificates & labels here.

Join our movement - it’s free

We invite all FAIR-minded companies, organizations and private users to create a free profile on our site and to join our global movement.

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